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We employ a unique approach with our innovative & creative arsenal of ideas and complement it all with impeccable planning & perfect execution.

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We are an organization graced with strong financial backing & easily accessible resources. This empowers us to channelize our integrated services to jumpstart your campaign with ease.

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Why would you place your brand in our hands? Do 30 years of experience and a string of success stories for other brands sound good enough to you? We’ll just state the fact – Big brands trust us because we’re the best in the business, small brands believe in us because we believe that we can make them big.

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‘Come what may, we always go that extra mile.’ With 400+ employees, 500+ campaigns, 1 Million+ customers services, 1 Billion+ revenue generated for clients – it has simply become a way of life at PROMOCELL.


Chief Executive Officer

P. Ramnathan: The Media Maestro

Managing Director/Founder

Our managing director Ramanathan has never backed away from a challenge in life, after moving to UAE in 1978 from India where he worked as one of the top media planners. His knowledge about ATL companies and experience made him recognise the need/potential for a BTL company which resulted in the promocell we have today. The realisation that the market is shifting to consumer promotion and ATL marketing is just not enough he bought his Wife Margret on board this adventure. Margret’s charm and His knowledge they started one of the oldest BTL companies in UAE. They faced many challenges and conquered them with dedication and hard work. Promocell became the industry leader in the BTL and Promotion. A humble person by nature, he loves spending time with his family/friends and fishing on the weekends to unwind. HE believes that the age of company is not why they are top, it’s because they move forward with the world we must adapt to the change in environment or get left behind.

Business Development Manager

Rajiv Ramnath: The Promocell Shark

Managing Director

Chief Public Relation Officer

Margaret Ramnath: One Woman Wonder

General Manager/ Founder

Also known as the god mother of the promotions she earned the trust of big clients by producing results and hiring a great team of promoter and training them. In an era where everything was done in person or on the phone because the internet was not common she single headedly managed multiple clients and all the promoter. Organising event to execution and store visits Margret was a one women show and never proved her marketing skills to multination corporations. She likes to spend her free time with family and watching her favourite movies and shows.

Marketing Executive

Vanessa Crasta: The Master Manager

Senior Account Director

I live by one quote: Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. Started working at the age of 18 with Promocell as an instore sales specialist while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human resource management and marketing at the University of Wollongong. Once I graduated started working fulltime as an account executive, within a year I stated managing retainer accounts with Promocell as an account manager. I love to travel, Cooking is a passion and stress reliever and my weakness is bringing stray cats and dog’s home… I dream of living by the beach running a café in my front yard!

Chief Executive Officer

Ashmita Shetty: Taking life with a pinch of salt, a slice of lime & a shot of tequila.

Business Development Manager

From growing up in Bangalore to roaming the world to finally setting up base in Dubai two years ago, Ashmita lives life to the fullest. ‘Working Hard & Partying Harder’ is what makes up most of her Agenda apart from singing which she loves. She swears by her music collection. Her favourite quote being, “I don’t want comfort, I want god, I want poetry, I want danger, I want freedom, I want goodness & I definitely want sin”. She wants to travel the world and own a restaurant by the beach where she can work harder & party hardest.

Business Development Manager

Barry Pinto: The Gamer

Account Director

Barry grew up in UAE, where he went to St. Mary High school and developed an interest in business quite early. His love for gaming & sport drove him to pursue marketing as a major for his undergrad degree from Manipal University. His interest in marketing bought him to Promocell, where he is involved in working with companies like Microsoft Xbox and his love for gaming gives him an edge in marketing the games he loved playing as a kid. Barry’s enthusiasm and creativity is clearly evident in the many successful campaigns he has driven for Promocell. Being an ardent Arsenal fan, his favourite quote is - “Play for the name on the front of the shirt and they will remember you for the name on the back”, says it all.

Chief Public Relation Officer

Jyoti Dhanak: The Jovial & The Bubbly

Account Director

Jyoti was born in UAE & from a very young age has seen the corporate / business world very closely. She started off as a promoter for Promocell & worked her way up to become one of our diligent Account Executives. Her extensive experience as a promoter has helped her manage work well, gel with others and get the most from the promoters while creating a friendly environment for them to work in. She aspires on handling big brands for cosmetics industry.

Marketing Executive

Pranav Gandhi: The Photographer

Account Executive

Went to Indian High school where interest in business led him to pursue commerce, after his high school he joined London City College and got a degree in international business. He plan on running his family business in the future and retiring at an early age to pursue his love for photography, fitness and spends his free time travelling and visiting new location chasing the perfect picture.

Chief Executive Officer

Ali Hussain: The Player

Account Executive

Went to DPS where I graduated with a degree in commerce in 2008 Captain of the basketball team. Went to school from Marketing/entrepreneurship and psychology and graduated In 2013. Passion for sports, adventure, cars and travelling. I like to spend my free time working on my cars or playing sports. Life is Challenge ….. Accept it. Want to start my own Car Tuning Company and design and modify cars and never retire

Business Development Manager

Yusra Ali: The Mysterious Poet

Human Resource Specialist

After spending 18 years of her life living in UAE, developing an interest in Business & Commerce was inherent. Being an active member of her school sports team has enabled her to work with our team & handle the promoter side of Promocell. A highly understanding person, who can make the best out of any tough situation, especially working day in & day out with individuals of different nationalities. Her love for reading has inspired her to work on her own collection of poems. She’s an avid sports fan and loves watching cricket. Her favourite quote is - “Silence is the language of gods, all else is poor translation“- Rumi. Her experience in the corporate world has given her the tools to manage a business. She aspires on opening her own clothing boutique one day.


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Brand Communication & Advertising

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Brand Conceptualization
Brand Strategy
Corporate Identity
Campaign Ideation & Development
Retail Branding & Creative Designing

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Website Conceptualization & Development
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Social Media Marketing Across All Platforms
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Corporate Merchandising
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