Barbican is one of the leading malt beverages brands in both market share and brand strength in the category. Originally launched in 1982, it has been proudly produced in Saudi Arabia and the UAE since 2005.

Barbican chose Promocell as their lead agency to drive sampling of Barbican in Dubai and AUH at outdoor venues ensuring a great product and Brand experience.


The first step was to commission in depth qualitative and quantitative research on consumer attitudes and behaviours when it came to malt as well as the Barbican brand. Barbican being the malt drink of choice for the youth in the region, is synonymous with being a brand that understands them and speaks their language. 

Armed with this insight, we created an experience at Beaches in Dubai and AUH to drive product sampling. We covered everything from visual brand language, packaging, engagement, education and space experience while most importantly ensuring that  the products were chilled to perfection for the consumer to enjoy the product in a relaxed setting..

Activations achieved

Launch Graphics and artwork

Retail POSM


Social influencers

Corp Giveaways

Launch Event Management