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Explore all of today’s retail 

possibilities with Promocell.

Are you looking to launch a new product, hire new staff, new in-store experience, increase sales or enhance brand presence?



Fuel your retail staffing needs with Promocell  brand people who can deliver the best customer experience for your brand. ‍

  1. Payroll Management

  2. Recruitment Services

  3. Visual Merchandisers

  4. Sales Promoters

  5. Beauty Advisors and Makeup Artists

  6. Models and Hostesses

  7. Talent & Skilled Staffing


Retail Activations

Promotions are almost always part of a retailer’s sales and marketing mix, and for good reason - they can drive sales and help you move inventory. Shoppers are encouraged to check out more products as against just looking at what’s on clearance. 


At Promocell, we help you find the right type of promotion depending on several factors, including your products, customers and price points.

  1. Sales Promotions

  2. Product Launches/Store Opening

  3. Product Sampling

  4. Brand Awareness campaigns

  5. CSR campaigns

  6. In Store and Outdoor Roadshows 


Experiential Design and Production

At Promocell, we design retail stores with the right balance of brand experience, digital engagement, layout and orientation, human interaction, and product merchandising to create a much richer, more engaging and more exciting retail experience.

  1. Store-in-stores

  2. Planograms

  3. Store furniture and Fixtures

  4. POSM

  5. Retail Displays

  6. Mall Activation Stands

  7. Exhibition Stand


Events and Exhibitions

Our expertise enables us to provide you with an end-to-end event management solution - right from event conceptualisation, design to execution. 

  1. Trade Shows and Exhibitions

  2. Product Launches

  3. Luxury, lifestyle and fashion events

  4. Team Building Activations

  5. Corporate Events and Summits

  1. Amazon and Noon Brand Stores

  2. A+ content

  3. Digital Banners, Banners Posters, Video content and copy

  4. Photography and Videography



We help you envisage how technology can be used to engage, entertain, quicken transaction, or assist shopper decision. 

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